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We have short term camping using our open sites or our central lawn. With that your are next door to Restroom, Showers, Laundry and Garbage Dumpster. We are a mile from Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and a Mile from Great Shasta Rail Trail. And of course we are equally close to McArthur Burney Falls and State Park. Lake Britton, Pit River Dam, and a few miles from Hat Creek.

  • Tent Camping in RV Site

    Tent Sites

    From: $40.00

    Tent Camping in RV Sites or Central Lawn

    Tent Camping, for a max of two Tents, in RV Site is management's first offer. This has power, pad, picnic table and wifi available. Must use restrooms for sanitary needs whether camping on central lawn or in RV sites. But when RV sites are all booked full, our Center Lawn is available! The use restrooms, laundry, showers to meet sanitary needs is expected. Parking and location of tent is directed by management. No Power hookups, water and sewer are provided for lawn campers. Garbage dumpster behind Bathroom.
    • Rates are established by several criteria such as seasons, holidays, weekends and on next page- Bed Tax of 10%. The longer the stay the cheaper per day. Discounts happen 2nd day, 7th day, and 24th day.
    • Day system picker! Example! Pick 2 days=2 nights! Leaving on 3rd day by noon. Ask for discount for lawn camping stays when RV sites full
    • Management will assign site numbers on arrival! Read more below!
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