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The Official Website of the McArthur ~ Burney Falls Interpretive Association

Recommended website by Burney Falls Resort Management. Please check it out. Burney Falls Park

“Thank you for your interest in the McArthur ~ Burney Falls Memorial State Park, commonly referred to as Burney Falls Park.  Here you will be introduced not only to our spectacular park, but also to Ahjumawi State Park and Castle Crags State Park.  We will talk about what to do while visiting or staying at the park, nearby attractions, park activities, news and events, and our new visitors center and gift shop.  We’ll discuss the McArthur-Burney Falls Interpretive Association and Friends of the Falls, and we will provide you with links to other parks, similar organizations and area attractions.” 

This site has lots of info about the Burney Falls Park- enjoy!

Burney Falls Park Website Icon
Burney Falls Park Website Icon