37985 Clark Creek Road Burney, CA 96013

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfire impact, and other issues, the Resort will remain closed until further notice. Please check back for updates, and contact us by email for any pre-pandemic commitments.

Hike area trails, visit the State Park and go waterfall hunting.  There are a number of waterfalls to visit, but the first stop must be the majestic Burney Falls. You can drive to the parking lot near the Pacific Crest Trail, park and walk to the trail that takes you around the river with views of the famous falls.  You can walk some of the trail or all of it.

 A little over an hour away, you can find Faery Falls, which offers a nice walk along a river with what has been thought of as having peculiar healing powers.  This article talks more about getting to the falls.  But note that you stay up above the river until you actually can see the falls, which is a fair bit farther than the picture that shows the remnants of the Resort.  There is another falls before you get to the main event, but you'll have to crawl down the side of a fairly large hill.

The other direction from the Resort, you can find Hatchet Falls which is also called Lion Slide Falls.